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Reviewed by Melissa Kammer/Novel Talk

Topaz Jordyn has laid the groundwork for what could be an exciting
series.  The story starts off fast and draws me in, but then the plot
becomes mired in power plays.  I would like to see more conflict
out of the bedroom than in it.  Devlin is a little too controlling and
overbearing and Tankura is a mite too forgiving for my taste, yet
even I cannot deny the chemistry and passion that flares between
them.  However, the story and the characters have redeeming
qualities, and I am interested in the brewing struggle between the
vampires and the shadow dwellers.  DREAM LOVER starts with a
slow simmer, then builds in intensity, and finally boils over leaving
the reader ready for more.  I am interested to see where Ms.
Jordyn is taking this next.  

3 1/2 stars

Imaginative paranormal romance with enormous potential!
Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club
Dream Lover is futuristic romance with a wonderful mix of the

This story has many key elements that make it fascinating and
exciting. I especially found the subplots absorbing. The Omega
Warriors and the evil Shadow Dwellers are fascinating to read and
I would really like to read another story where their struggle is
featured more prominently. I feel there are many layers to this
story and would eagerly read books that continue this series?! I
would also like to know the origins of the Shadow Dwellers and how
they became such fierce enemies. This is a story/series that has
enormous potential and I would like to read more from this author!


From: A. Ferguson (San Diego Erotic Examiner)
Rating: 4

Welcome to another erotic book review. Today I present to you
Dream Lover by Topaz Jordyn

Dream Lover by Topaz Jordyn is a good start to a new Vampire

The story itself pulled me in and wrapped itself around me to the
point that I could not stop reading. The story was complex enough
to hold my interest.

Their love story is beautiful. And the sex between the two is hot.
So hot that I had to have my fan on while reading. The things
Devlin did to her should be illegal in 49 states. He is wicked, dirty
and one hot vampire!

Bottom line I give the book a 4. The story has a lot going for it. I
want more and the way it ended (which ticked me off, but in a good
way!) it is definitely part of a series, which is a good thing. I am
excited to get more from this author. Don’t let this one pass you by!

From: Literary Nymphs Reviews

Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Dream Lover is actually a good suspense story. As the story
progressed, I got wrapped up in the politics of the Vampire Society.
The heat generated by the two of them requires ice water and fans
constantly. The author does a good job overall about the war
between the two factions of Vampires.


From: Paranormal Romance

Reviewed By: Missy Brown

Paranormal Romance, Dream Lover a Must Read!!!

"Another Twist on the Vampire Lore!"
Prince Devlin is leader of the Omega Force, whose purpose is to
hunt down outcast vampires called Shadow Dwellers. Heir to the
royal family, Devlin must succumb to the vampire society and
marry a woman who has been chosen for him. Tankura is a
beautiful and innocent vampire, and when Prince Devlin lays eyes
on her he is struck by her beauty. As they join in marriage, two
strangers learn about one another. Beginning to have feeling for
one another, they cannot deny the strong sexual attraction they

Thus begins the tale of two strong willed people trying to find a way
to deal with their arranged situation. As their passion flares hot, the
members of the Shadow Dwellers conspire to rip them apart. Is
their newfound love strong enough to survive or will the Shadow
Dwellers succeed in destroying them both?

With well written love scenes, and attention to detail, I found
Dream Lover a very action packed, interesting read. With a
different take on the vampire lore, I am interested to see where she
takes this series next. If you like strong vampire characters, hot
love scenes and fast paced action then this book is a must read!


From: Mocha's Erotic Review

Rating : Moist Kitty Kat

Topaz Jordyn created a world of shadow dwellers and muscle
bound alpha males. Full of intrigue and deceit a good written story.


****4 Cherries!!!

From: Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews
*Reviewer: Amaranth check out review :

Topaz Jordyn has put a new spin on vampires in her book, Dream
Lover. She has created an imaginative and thoroughly interesting
vampire society and a wonderful storyline, filled with strong and
admirable characters. When Devlin and Tankura meet, the
explosion of passion is extraordinary between these two strong-
willed characters.

Dream Lover has a well-thought out and very complex storyline.
Overall, this book was interesting and, as I mentioned before, gave
a whole new, interesting spin on vampires. If you enjoy hot
passion, fast-paced action, and very strong vampire characters,
then this book would be a great read for you.


****4 Pixies

From: Dark Angel Review

Reviewed By: Manda

As their hands meet in marriage, desire skyrockets between Devlin
and Tankura. Tankura quickly falls in love under the prince’s erotic
tutelage. However, all is not well in the new marriage, as members
of the vampire society conspire to rip the lovers from each others
embrace. Will Devlin and Tankura’s steamy relationship grow into
a loving partnership? Or will the Shadow Dwellers succeed in
sundering the tender buds of their love?

Dream Lover takes us deep into the culture of the vampire society
with an in-depth look at the Omega Forces’ mission to destroy all
Shadow Dwellers. Prince Devlin faces a conundrum as he seeks to
both protect all that he holds dear by leading the Omega Force into
battle and yet also feed the flaming fire between him and Tankura.
As the tale unfolds, there are times when the action sequences can
be a bit difficult to follow. Prince Devlin comes across as slightly
overbearing early on, but redeems himself as the book concludes.
The characters are well thought-out and Topaz Jordyn uses them
to tell her story well.

Jordyn delivers a tantalizing first novel with Dream Lover. I expect
that, as she continues her Chronicles of the Vampire Society
series, it will develop into a rousing success.


*****Five Roses!!!

From: the Romance Erotica Connection
*Reviewer: Christian Otto check out the review:

I truly enjoyed reading this book! Ms. Jordyn has created a very
interesting setting for her novel that is different to the one you find
in the “normal” vampire novels. In addition, she has created a set
of characters that are alive and vibrant. Oh, and the sex is so hot
that a few times I was afraid the pages would start burning.

I am excited to see what comes next in the Chronicles of the
Vampire Society series, and I have no doubt that it will be as
captivating as this one. There are so many hints to even more
fantastic developments in this series like… No, I won’t tell you! Go
and read it for yourself.


***** Five Stars!!!

If you thought the blurb for this one was HOT wait till u get a hold
of the full story behind Devlin and Tankura. Topaz Jordyn has
given us a throwin' the gauntlet down story of two head strong
people, with nuclear chemistry, super nova sex and forces outside
their control causing all kinds of mayhem. Topaz Jordyn is a force
of nature people, and this one goes into my collection under: Sittin'
on a block of ice in my living room to cool down while I read it and
read it again. I look forward to more of this series.

Reviewed 5-13-08. L. Howell


***** Five Stars!!!

Topaz Jordyn is an author to look out for! Dream Lover catches
your attention from the very first page and holds you captive until
the final one. It's an awesome read and I'm proud to have it in my
collection. I'm looking forward to the story continuing. Bravo, Ms.

Date Added: 05/31/2008 by J. Goodman
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