Tanar's Forbidden Love/Chronicles of the Vampire Society

Tanar sat watching Sloane from the rooftop across the
street from her condo. This had been his routine every
night. Tanar thought back on that night. The night his life
had changed forever and fate had thrown him a curve ball.
He had been injured and stumbled out of the alleyway. She
had been right there to catch him, as if she had been
waiting for him. His rescuer, and now she was his
tormentor. She occupied his almost every thought. His mind
was still fuzzy about the events that had passed during the
weeks he was MIA. But he recalled some of it, almost in a
dream-like state. The sound of her beautiful voice and he
could still feel soft caress of her hands on his body. He sat
musing to himself, wondering why he felt such an
overwhelming need to be close to her.

He scanned the street below. He felt like a stalker. Had he
become obsessed with her? Was there some unforeseen
force drawing him to her? She had nursed him back to
health, taking care of him when he could not take care of
himself. That night seemed so long ago. Had it only been a
month or so? His thoughts and dreams had been taken
over by this human female. He was at war with himself,
fighting a battle that was already lost. Tanar decided to
share his fantasies with her. He sent her a mental pulse and
entered her dreams. He showed her animalistic passion and
tapped into her untamed lust. Making her crave his touch—
need his touch.

If he possessed any sense at all, he would leave her alone.
But for some reason he could not stop. She was like a drug
and he was hooked—a junkie needing his fix. He waited—
watching, growing impatient with every moment that
passed. He got comfortable. He made sure to have a clear
view of the windows. He did not want to miss anything. He
wanted her to be asleep before he went to her. Tanar’s
common sense screamed at him, ‘Have you lost your damn
mind?’ But his body said, ‘Go for it, man. Handle yours.’

Tanar watched with anticipation as the lights went out in
her apartment. He crossed the street, and crept onto the fire
escape like a thief in the night. He waited impatiently,
hoping she had fallen asleep by now. He crouched in front
of the window and mentally unlatched the lock. Sliding the
window open, he ducked his head low as he climbed into
her apartment. His Timb boots made a slight thud when he
dropped down on the carpeted floor. Tanar moved stealthy
through the apartment like a wolf on the hunt and headed
straight for the bedroom. The layout of her place came to
him like second nature. He stood at the bedroom door,
watching. Waiting for what, he did not know. He could hear
her gentle breathing. He inhaled deeply, smelling her natural
scent. She smelled of roses and all female. Her scent was
intoxicating. He grabbed the door frame to steady himself.

Tanar pushed away from the door and moved into the
bedroom. He stopped at the side of the bed and stared
down at her for a moment. He watched her closely as he
reached down, removing the sheet that covered her
luscious form. His eyes devoured her lovingly. He shook his
head with alarm. Was this love or lust he was feeling? This
question plagued him, his body trembling with need. She
was so beautiful and seductive, with perfect breasts. Her
light brown skin looked smooth and sweet. Her dark brown
hair fell just past her shoulders. Her eyes were the color of
hazel, of that he was certain. Hell, he had knowledge of
every damn part of her body in minute detail. Right down to
the two moles on her back and the dimple on her left butt

He had dreamed of those beautiful hazel eyes so many
times. Beckoning to him, calling him to come and take her.
His attention was drawn to her mouth. She moaned,
moving in her sleep. She adjusted her position on the bed,
opening her legs, and giving him a full view of her center.
Tanar inhaled deeply, catching the scent of her arousal fully.
He was so overwhelmed with emotion. He dropped to one
knee trying to steady himself. He tried to muster up the
strength to leave her untouched.

She moaned again and he was lost. His clothes were gone
in a flash, thrown to the floor in a heap. His body coiled with
anticipation—primed and ready for action. He touched her,
lightly caressing her breasts through the fabric of her tee
shirt. He watched her body react to his touch, her back
arching instinctively.   

Sloane slowly opened her eyes, delicious sensations
moving all over her body. She was so hot. She rubbed her
moistened thighs together as her juices flowed from her
center. The sheets under her felt damp to the touch. She
focused her eyes and watched the captive of her dreams—
the man she had nursed back to health. The man she could
not stop thinking about. The man she had fantasized about
every night since that night. She tried to get her voice to
work, finally saying, “It’s you.” Her words came out as a
sigh, a seductive caress even to her ears. Did he hear her,
she wondered? She tried to hold back a moan as he
continued touch and caress her skin. Sloane bit her lower
lip, letting her head fall back onto the pillow. She closed her
eyes briefly as she felt her tee shirt being tugged up her
body. His hands felt so firm, so strong and sure. He moved
down her body to remove her panties, but he still did not
say a word. She spoke again, her voice raspy, “I have been
waiting for you. Hoping you would come back to me.”
Sloane saw his eyes close briefly, as if her words moved
over him like a gentle stroke of her hand.


Tanar groaned low in his throat, coming down to claim her
mouth with a searing kiss. His tongue dove into the
sweetness of her mouth. Making her shiver in his arms, he
wanted to take her over the edge—then bring her back to
do it again. Tanar tore his mouth from hers, trying to slow
his untamed passion from veering out of control. His blood
burned like liquid fire and only this human female could put
out the flame that burned deep in his belly. Damn she is hot,
he thought to himself.

“This was a mistake,” he said suddenly in a low, husky
growl. Sanity grabbed hold of him before it was too late.
Tanar got up off the small bed that held her womanly
curves. It was the hardest thing he had ever done.

She grabbed his arm. With urgency in her voice, her words
came out in a rush, “Don’t go. Stay with me. Take me, love
me—make me yours.”

He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. His head
screamed, ‘Leave—leave now!’ But his other head had
different plans altogether. He made up his mind in a matter
of seconds. Tanar bent down, kissing her again, getting lost
in her once more. He kissed his way down to her neck as
his fangs dropped with a mind of their own. He felt her
pulse point beat beneath his lips. His fangs tingled with
need. He opened his mouth to striking position and then bit
down into the delectable flesh at the curve of her neck.

He heard her moan deep in her throat. Her hands ran
through his hair as she held him close to her neck. She
lifted her hips off the bed in the throes of passion. Her body
shivered in what he hoped was pleasure.

Tanar’s first thought was, ‘There was no turning back now.
He took what she offered. He marked her as his. He left his
scent of possession all over her. His fangs deep in the main
artery at her neck, his breathing became labored with each
pull at her throat. His manhood brushed against the soft
skin of her belly. Tanar retracted his fangs from her neck
and licked her wounds, willing the fang marks to heal. He
started kissing a trail to her breasts and suckled her sweet
ripe mounds.

Her moans of pleasure were sweet music to his ears as he
licked his way down to her womanly center. He took in the
sweet, sweet scent of her arousal.  He spread her legs
wide, holding her inner thighs apart. His strong male hands
gripped her soft flesh firmly. Tanar lowered his head and
dove right into her lusciousness. Sloane ran her fingers
through his hair holding his head to her core. With each lick
and stroke of his tongue, he brought her closer to a glorious
explosion of euphoria. Tanar connected with Sloane
mentally. He could feel Sloane’s release as slammed into
her. She rotated her pelvis, keeping her folds pressed
against his partially opened mouth.

‘Oh yeah, give it to me, baby,’ Tanar thought. The taste of
her drove him crazy with pure primal lust. He proceeded to
give her a love bite. He pierced her inner thigh with his
fangs and drank deeply. He felt like a ravenous beast as he
raised his body above her. He watched her with passion
filled eyes while he placed his male shaft at her entrance.
He could feel her juices surround him as he guided his sex
into her, sheathing himself fully inside her softness. She
cried out in what Tanar thought was pleasure.


Sloane moved restlessly beneath him, trying to get his big
behind off of her. Everything had been wonderful before
that moment. She had known what to expect. She was well
versed in the human anatomy and all the facts about sexual
intercourse. But she had not realized it would hurt so much.
How could the tearing of a small piece of flesh be so
painful? She felt as if he was trying to rip her in two.

Tanar was still imbedded in her passage, unaware he had
hurt her. He was so tuned into the feeling of her softness
surrounding him. ‘She is so tight,’ he thought as her inner
muscles squeezed his manhood. He pumped his hips back
and forth in long purposeful strokes. Unaware that Sloane
lay still trying to get the slight pain out of her mind.  

He continued his stride. Wanting her to feel the passion,
and pleasure, he was trying to give her. She was so tight
and it felt so damn good to be inside her. He thought he
saw the brief look of pain cross her face before it turned to
pleasure. He paused briefly, letting her adjust to his
massive size, he continued his in-and-out circular motion.    


At first, Sloane wanted him to stop, but as he moved with
poetic rhythm inside her, all she could do was voice what
she wanted. “Don’t stop—please don’t stop!”He growled at
her request, kicking up his thrusting full throttle, pulling out,
and thrusting forward again. “Oh my goodness, ohhhhhhh
myyyyyy gooooooodnesss!” was all Sloane could voice, her
voice getting higher with each thrust.

He hit all the right spots and she unfolded. She clenched
her muscles around him, taking everything he had to give
and wanting more. She felt him pump into her one last time.
She watched him above her. He held his weight on his
elbows, like he was trying not to crush her. He was still
panting like he had been on an all-out run. She kept her
arms wrapped around his body, holding him close to her,
and hoping he wouldn’t disappear.

Sloane tried to memorize every feature of his face while she
gave herself time to get up the nerve to speak. Finally, she
asked, “What’s your name?” She had not found any
identification on him that night, so she had no idea what his
name was. Sloane blushed. She was pretty sure it was kind’
a late for introductions. She could still feel him deep inside
her. She mentally shrugged away any embarrassment she
felt and she lifted her hand to caress his face.      

He told her his name, “Tanar.”

Sloane tried it out, letting his name roll off her tongue,
“Tanar.” His name was different and exotic. His voice
sounded so deep and seductive. Sloane responded. “My
name is Sloane.”


Tanar smiled at her before responding. “I know your name,
Sloane Truhart. I have thought of you every day and every
night since I woke up in your bed. When I woke up, and you
were not here, I found your hospital ID on top of your
dresser.” Tanar left out the part about having searched her
house and getting all the intel he could on her from central

Tanar saw the relief cross her face. He wanted to reassure
her. “Nothing could have kept me away from you, Sloane.”
He got off the bed and stretched. He looked down at his
shaft and saw the blood there. He quickly looked down at
Sloane with concern. Her inner thigh was smeared with
blood, the dark red spot glistening off her caramel colored

Tanar looked into Sloane’s eyes before speaking. “I am truly
sorry I was so rough with you. I was so wild with lust, I lost
control.” He raked his hands through his hair in disgust.


Sloane heard the sincerity in his voice and was touched. “It
was going to happen if you were rough or gentle. I am—
was—a virgin.” Sloane saw the shock and surprise cross
his face. “Don’t look so surprised. All these years I never
perceived what held me back, so I guess I was waiting for
you.” Sloane smiled shakily, watching Tanar closely.

He plopped down onto the bed.


Tanar was in shock. He had been the first to taste her
sweetness. No other man had touched this beautiful
woman. No one would ever touch her, but me. The thought
caused him to smile with a possessive grin.

“Thank you, my beautiful Sloane, for bestowing such a
sacred gift upon me. I am truly honored.” He kissed the
palm of her hand then held it to his cheek for a moment,
feeling her warmth. Then he stood, picked her up in his
strong arms, and carried her to the bathroom. He started
the bath, placing her in the tub. As the water rose, he
picked up a sponge and grabbed the body gel. Squeezing
the gel on to the sponge, he soaped her up, making sensual
circles, caressing, massaging, and finally, rinsing her off.
The scene was so erotic. He could feel her breasts grow
heavy and her skin grew flushed.

Tanar could smell the sexual scent of her arousal even
through the bubbles. “Easy baby, it’s too soon. You’re
going to be sore. Let me finish washing you, and then I will
satisfy you in other ways.” She smiled faintly.

He tried to concentrate on the task at hand, but he would
have liked nothing more than to make sweet love to her
again and again all night long, her welcoming heat
tightening around him. Taking him to new heights of
pleasure—have mercy. Tanar gave himself a hard mental
shake as he finished washing her. There were questions he
had no answers for. Never mating with a human before, he
was in uncharted territory. Would she conceive from their

Tanar answered his own question. Hell yeah, Tanar
thought. His family was fertile as hell and that was fact.
When he bit her, and drew her blood into him, would she
turn vampire from their transference of fluids? He would
have to talk to his father, Devlin and eventually the king. No
scratch that—Devlin, his father, and then the king. That
was not a conversation he was looking forward to having
any time soon.

He was betrothed to another, but he could not marry her.
No—correction—he would not marry her. He wanted
Sloane, and no one else would do—period. Tanar swore to
himself passionately.  What the hell have you got yourself
into? He had to face the facts. He was obsessed with her
and would have her at any cost. That cost he did not want
to think about right now. He picked Sloane up after toweling
her off, and took her back to the bed. Laying her down, he
pleasured her body with his mouth and tongue. Just as he
had promised, he started from her head, stroking her hair
with his hands. Moving his way down, he laid light butterfly
kisses on her face lovingly. He moved to her mouth, and
then her neck. Tanar kissed a trail down to her woman’s
center and gave her pleasure. Tanar licked and sucked at
her folds so well, he thought she had passed out for a

He snaked his tongue out cleaning his face, while he made
his way back to her mouth.  He melded their lips together
and got lost in their kiss. Tanar broke contact, trying to
catch his breath. How could this wisp of a human female
affect him so badly? His thoughts became muddled. The
height of his lust and passion consumed him like a wild
brush fire. A fire that burned within him and it was
threatening to devour everything in its path. It would burn
him alive with savage passion and intensity that was self
destructive. Tanar lay beside Sloane for a while trying to
sort his feelings out. He could not understand the bond they
shared, nor could he comprehend it. He was immortal and
she was human. They were from two different worlds. How
could their love survive? He thought about it, and he
recognized it immediately. He loved Sloane. He would go to
hell and back for her. Tanar was determined to have her.
No matter what the cost. “Sloane, I have to go,” he said
Sloane got a little nervous. She didn’t want to seem like she
was clinging. “When will I see you again?” she asked. She
tried to keep the sadness from her voice, but knew she
failed miserably. She did not want him to disappear from her
life again. She had just found him and she did not want to
lose her newfound happiness. Sloane had so many
questions and not enough time to get the answers for them.
The man of her dreams was getting ready to leave before
she could even wrap her mind around things. Sloane had
not considered her lustful actions. She had unprotected sex
with a complete stranger. Being in the medical profession,
she knew the risks. But why had she thrown caution to the
wind? Why did she feel so intoned, and so connected to
him? What she felt was beyond a mere attraction.

Sloane looked up as his baritone voice moved over her like
silk. “I do not know,” Tanar responded with regret lacing
his every word. “I will try to come to you tomorrow.”

Dream Lover/Chronicles of the Vampire Society Vol. 1

Adult Excerpt

Tankura continued to make long, graceful strokes in the
water. Suddenly, she seemed to sense a pair of eyes on
her. She turned and looked toward the shore. Once their
eyes locked, all else was forgotten, and their bodies called
to each other like magnets. Entranced, his feet walked into
the water; he would have walked through the fires of hell to
claim her as his own.

Tankura glided through the water towards him in seductive
fluid motions. His hands reached for her, his hard smooth
muscles touching her flawless skin. His strong arms picked
her up, carrying her out of the water. She shivered with raw
untamed passion.

As he held her tightly in his arms, his eyes watched her with
fascination, as her eyes grew darker, becoming deep pools
of violet. His breathing labored he laid her on a soft patch of
grass under a huge tree just off the bank of the lake. Devlin
sat on his hunched, and saw her hair splayed out beneath
her like a blanket of black silk.

The faint sound of the water washing up on shore could be
heard, as he scanned her face, taking in her tan, sun-kissed
skin still wet and glistening; her beautiful long, dark,
seductive lashes; her small pert nose, her full, kissable
mouth. When she parted her lips he glimpsed even, white
teeth with a perfect set of magnificent fangs. She licked her
lips in anticipation, making him long to taste her sweetness.

Damn, he was straight shook, lost in this goddess’s violet
eyes. His body vibrated with need, as he caught the scent
of her arousal. The scent of her was so strong, so good.
The scent of her alone would make a male lose his fucking
sanity. On his knees he crawled to her, smelling passion all
over her.

The sweetness of her mouth called to him, and he dived in.
Taking her mouth in a searing kiss, the flavor of her
essence caused him to groan. Their mouths fused together,
as he sucked at her tongue and traced her fangs with the
tip of his tongue. She tasted like honey and cream, his
favorite. As he held tight to his arousal, and feeling the
animal in him close to the surface. The beast that roared to
come out would be too rough with her; she was too gentle,
too soft. Tankura groaned in frustration, whimpering and
moaning into his mouth. The swell of her breasts grazed his
chest. His lips moved down to her neck sucking, kissing,
licking, and biting her gently as her whimpers and moans
grew louder.

His hand came up to fondle her breasts. She arched into his
touch, her breast fitting perfectly in his hand. His finger
gently pulled and rubbed her nipples, going from rough to
gentle, until they puckered with pleasure. Removing his
hand, and replacing it with his mouth. Tankura’s eyes grew
wide at the new sensations running through her body.

Soft hips bucked and rotated like they had a mind of their
own. His tongue showed no mercy as he suckled her like a
newborn babe starving for its first meal. While he feasted
on her breasts, he let his left hand roam down her soft flat
belly. Spreading his fingers wide, he massaged the smooth
skin of her belly and hips.

Tankura pleaded for him not to stop, grabbing at his hair,
running the softness through her hands. His fingers finally
touched upon the soft delicate curls at her woman’s center.
His manhood grew as he felt her silky fluid cover his
fingers. Just the thought of her soft folds encasing his shaft
made his hand shake as his thumb massaged her soft folds.

Finding her clit, he teased the small jewel masterfully,
making it swell with his touch. Tankura began to pump her
hips as she cried out with her climax. The feel of her dewy
sweetness coated his fingers once again. A smile of pure
pleasure crossed his face, as he watched her sexual climax
take over.

The scent of her came to him in a rush. His nostrils flaring,
his tongue had to taste her in the place his fingers had just
been. His hand still between her thighs, with wanting he
watched the pleasure cascade across her face. His male
pride had him feeling cocky. He had rocked her world, and
he sure as hell was not finished with her yet. His fingers
continued to massage her clit mercilessly, making her crazy
with need. As he removed his fingers from between her
thighs, licking and sucking them clean of her nectar. Umm,
she tastes so damn good.

His hand came back to her breast, which were still taut
from the attention of his mouth. Her nipples turning into
pebbles, Tankura lay beneath him, still eager for the
attention from his mouth and hands. His head moved down
her body, tracing his tongue across her belly. As he moved
closer to her woman’s core, he felt her curls brush his chin
as his mouth descended.

As he took her, claimed her with his mouth, tongue, and
teeth. Tankura screamed and lifted her hips, spreading her
legs wide in an attempt to get his tongue deeper inside her
heat. She began to shiver and convulse. With precise
movement he made sure to catch every ounce of her
sweetness, licking her like an ice cream cone. Loving her
flavor, he continued to lap at her folds. What happened next
was unbelievable, he never knew what hit him. As the
orgasm took hold of Tankura, she released in a sexual
eruption. The scent of her, the taste her was so
overpowering it made his control slip. His fangs dropped
and he bit her inner thigh. Causing her to explode he tasted
her blood on his tongue relishing the taste for a moment.
Before he moved back to her core sucking on her clit and
lapping at her release, he groaned as if in pain; his
manhood demanded release. His only thought was sinking
his swollen shaft deep into her softness. The feel of her
juices on his chin and face had him snaking his tongue out
and licked his face from nose to chin, not missing a drop of
her delicious fluid. His form rose above her, bringing one
knee between her thighs and spreading them wider.
Leaning over her, placing his long hard shaft at the
entrance of the place he wanted to stay forever. The
warmth of her welcomed him in, calling to him. His body
eased in, trying to take it slow.

His body had other ideas, and he pushed his manhood in
farther, and he found the barrier that made him grunt with
male pride and satisfaction. Knowing he was the first and
the only one to taste of her sweet nectar was just too
much. As he tore her maidenhead, she whimpered with
brief discomfort. His engorged rod filled her to the hilt, and
her body welcomed him into her warmth. The discomfort
passed quickly, leaving a beautiful, building tension.

The feel of her muscles tighten around him. That drove him
crazy with need, thrusting, grinding, and pumping into her
for all he was worth. Animal instinct kicked in, and he
marked his territory with his scent, as his and his alone. His
climax came on strong, as his seed into her womb,
convulsing, pumping hard and fast. His body lay on top of
her, trying not to crush her with his weight, loving the feel
of her skin against his own.

The overwhelming need to stay with her forever, a feeling
of true earth-shattering contentment. Opening his eyes, and
he groaned with frustration. The connection severed.
Tankura was gone, and he was still hard as a rock—
sweating, panting, in desperate need of relief. Getting up he
opened the balcony doors, trying to catch a cool breeze. It
did not help to ease his pain. His only recourse, he took a
cold shower, and still it did not help.

With no relief insight he went down to the gym and worked
out, running on the treadmill trying to outrun his desire,
hoping that would ease his body’s aroused state. The
sexual intensity felt had somewhat subsided, but as soon
as he thought of that golden temptress with the violet eyes,
he was lost. The knowledge that she would soon be his
forever filled his body with wonderful sensations. There
was a demanding urgency, and he could not wait to take
her to his bed, for real.

To have her in a dream was not enough. The need to feel
her flesh on flesh was the only thing that would feed this
hunger. But until after the wedding, he would only be able
to visit her in her mind and show her the things he would
do to her for the rest of eternity. To make love to her and
brand her as my woman. Mine, he thought with a
possessive, devilish smile. How would she feel when she
realized her dream lover and her husband were one and the

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